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graphic print design

This page shows a selection of menswear print projects including brands such as ASOS and Mr C London.

Inspired by 50’s fabrics I created a series of prints for ASOS men’s reclaimed vintage line. This specific design presents 2 colourways and is colour separated into 5 distinct hues per colourway. Files were required to be set up correctly for manufacture including colour separations using Photoshop channels and sized correctly. Repeat patterns utilised a tossed style structure to reduce material wastage.

Working with menswear brand Mr C London, I created the company’s flagship collection of digital prints for their swimwear collection. A range of 8 CAD design options were presented utilising both vector and raster imagery. For this project I advised the design director on artwork suitability based on the target customer and design theme of luxury holidays. My role as a consultant was to provide expert guidance on design development including pattern scale and colour choices ensuring specifications were suitable for the target market.Technical garment drawings were created to communicate print design fundamentals such as pattern placement, direction and scale. Other attributes such as colour placement were shown including colour references and Pantone names.

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